Where Frenchies Sparkle


Lucidas Lumos "Sparkle"

Breeder/Co-Owner: Katie Jerozal
Owner: Vicki Monroe

Lwolfranch Celebrates The Golden Snitch x CH Stellars Tongue Twister at Lucida

Parents Grandparents Great-Grandparents Great-Great-Grandparents Great-Great-Great-Grandparents
Lwolfranch Celebrates The Golden Snitch BISS GCH BayHill Celebrate! BIS Ch Stephlyn's Absolutely Fabulous! CH Stephlyn's Wild Wild West CH Blazin's Ironside Perry Of NRW
CH Shadetree Stephlyn Gettin Jiggy W'it
Exemplr Punchi It Margaret CH Monroe's Re-Marc-A-Bull Matt
Exemplr Addicted To Love
CH BayHill La Dolce Vita BIS CH Affabull's King Of
BIS CH Vi Du Lac Starhaven's
CH Precious Bulls Copy Girl
CH Starhaven's Tarot At BayHill CH Starhaven's Savage Pride
Starhaven's Santana
Hilsman Genevieve at Lwolfrance Badog's Feel The Magic CH Gardien Bandog Yankee Doodle CH Coxs Goodtime Polar Bear
CH Gardien's Luminates The Ring
Bandog's Jump for Joy CH Coxs Goodtime Polar Bear
CH Bandog's A Million Wishes
Hilsman's Butterbean CH Hilsman's Octavian CH Hilsman's Augustus
CH Hilsman's Blonde Ambition
Hilsman's Bit O'Honey CH C and D's Laboss Mon Buntin
CH Hilsman's Tupelo Honey
CH Stellars Tongue Twister at Lucida CH Bag-Dadi Tornado Jacques, CGC, ROM HJ CH Clovis du Champagne Mike Bully's V Landessender Oakhamer Clovis
Happy Girl Bully's v Landessender
Dice Dovey VD Akazienallee Dario vh Kreugeltje
Shann's Lovey Dovey
Bag-Dadi Molly HJ CH Lacoste vom Isern Hinnerk Dan CH Leiboll's Olfert
Doux Fille Vom Isern Hinnerk
Koritar Laki Potyi HJ CH Belboulecan du Champagne Mondo
Barcelonnette Amanda
CH Stellar Keep's Going & Going
CH Jackpot! EZ Keeper Pettybull Int'l/Mex/Am CH Jackpot! EZ Come EZ Go CH Cox's Goodtime Charlie Brown
CH Jackpot Kwik Pik Tiket Petty
Pettybull's New Millenium CH Tea-D's Bite The Bullet
Tea-D's Ms Behaven Mavis
CH Hillie's At The Copa CH Winston Oliver Of Alibaba, CD, TDI Cam's Chocolate Charlie
Kenle's Creamed Sweet Pea
Hillie's Edna Heike's Bullvacious Edge "Edd"
Heike Talulah Hillie

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